Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Announcing Katherine Newman Design & Architecture: Development!

We have expanded our services to include not only architecture and design, but also development consulting. These services go beyond traditionally offered services by architects such as due diligence and site analysis. Our goal is to make the development process better by adding knowledge of architecture, and vice versa.

On a broad scope, we are able to assist clients who have a site and are interested in putting in a new use, or those who may have a business and need assistance with where to go. Additionally, we are able to assist clients with distressed properties and wish to improve them. We are able to take business ideas from conception all the way through to project completion, or any segment in between. In brief, we are able to provide:

-Total evaluation of real estate for investment consideration from a physical, tenant, and market perspective
-Market Research
  -Demographic Study
  -Financial Modeling
  -Multiple Site Comparison (ideal for statewide or national business expansions)
  -Regulatory Analysis (legal, code, zoning, and ADA)
  -Sustainability Feasibility Study and Consulting
  -Branding Services
  -Site Criteria
  -Full Architectural and Design Services stemming from these analysis
  -Single and Multi-Site Project Management

We can provide a turnkey solution to a project or group of projects, and give a single source of responsibility to the client. In addition, by bundling these services, our process is streamlined and fewer items are lost in translation.

You will enjoy the same service and commitment to the project that you've come to experience from our group, just with greater capacity. Nothing will change should you choose to simply utilize our original services only at this time.